Hue Twist

Rotating around its vertical axis, the pleated paper becomes a platform for the light to merge to create the hue resulting from blending the different colours. The geometry of the rotating hélix creates an illusion of infinite movement by looping itself and visualising the time passing by.


Dipping Light

Dipping Light is an ongoing project that produces lamps following a peculiar methodology that allows to shade the light following unique patterns by colouring the light. In production with lighting company Marset.


My Museum

My Museum is an Art Intstallation from artist Mireia c. Saladrigues. She commissioned the exhibishion design for her piece "my museum" at the Fundació Miró in Barcelona.


For artist Mireia c. Saladrigues for an exhibition at the Fundaciò Mirò in Barcelona

DesignMarketo in Barcelona

DesignMarketo invited us to design their retrospective exhibition at Otracosas de Villarrosas in Barcelona. Lars Frideen came from London 2 days before the show and we designed and built this supporting structure from only 200 pieces of timber and no previous drawings, straight into the making.


Project with Lars Frideen