Our social lives are defined by the people we know. “Share” celebrates our relationships by transforming the standard and personal form of a hat to accommodate several wearers at once. This multiplication of function represents the way we integrate within social groups. A space that was invisible, but existing intuitively becomes both visible and humorous. It represents the umbrella of our everyday conversations. Photography by Nils Boldt-Christmas

The Love Hat. For two.
The Business Hat. For five.
The Gossiping Hat. For three.

A new hat for three was made using local traditional crafts to be shown at the exhibition “Fora de Lloc” in the Barcelona Design Museum  in 2015.

IMG_9548 (800x533)

Special thanks to Secundina for the skills and the effort and to  Jordina Bravo, and Pepa Su from Museu de la Pauma for making it possible.