Less Lamp

Less is a sealed light shade that needs to be broken in order to release the light trapped within.


Less Lamp is part of the MoMa Design Collection in New York.


Lampp is a smart light that uses your phone screen as its light source. It comes with an app to let you choose the adequate atmosphere for each situation.


Giardinetto’s Green

The Lamp Dipper performs live to shade an opaline globe light. Each layer adds shading to the light to achieve the desired light intensity.


Giardinetto's Green Lamp, currently being available at our new shop.

Phi 60. Shelving system

Phi 60 is a set of special modular shelves that allow for irregular and consistently harmonious arrangements, thanks to a proportional measurement system and the easy fitting of its elements.


Share Hat

Our social lives are defined by the people we know. “Share” celebrates our relationships by transforming the standard and personal form of a hat to accommodate several wearers at once.


Production in colaboration with bernstock speirs from London

Rain Catcher

A large, drop-shaped water collector that hangs outside the house and is connected to the rainwater drainage system. The Rain Catcher creates a visible link between the rain and our use of it and expresses our umbilical connection to water.


Prototype for the 100% Water show at the Z33 in Hassalt, Belgium


Wallfa is a two sided piece of furniture that is both wall and sofa. The stretchy membrane divides the space and offers a comfortable sitting area that becomes playful when users interact from both sides of the wall. It works as a double sided vertical hammock that people sit on to relax, play and socialize.


Wallfa is part of  Die Neue Sammlung design collection in Munich, Germany