Starting with an opaline globe light, the Lamp Dipper machine dips the light into a coloured lacquer performing its shading while being made. Each layer gradually shades the light to achieve the desired intensity.


The Giardineto’s Green lamp uses each unique globe light mounted on a brass base signed and numbered.

This project was conceive for and presented at the emblematic restaurant “il Giardinetto” in Barcelona, the choice of materials and colours was made to match the awarded design of the restaurant.
Opening night. Lamps ready to be dipped.
jordicanudas_lamp-dipper_29 jordicanudas_lamp-dipper_30
Lamps made upon request on the window of the Giardinetto’s restaurant.
All the lights made where on display at the closing event at il Giardinetto.
First go at the studio to start understanding the needs for the Dipping machine. jordicanudas_lamp-dipper_36

On Sale at il Giardinetto, at AOO or online here.