Hue Twist

Rotating around its vertical axis, the pleated paper becomes a platform for the light to merge to create the hue resulting from blending the different colours. The geometry of the rotating hélix creates an illusion of infinite movement by looping itself and visualising the time passing by.


Dipping Light

Dipping Light is an ongoing project that produces lamps following a peculiar methodology that allows to shade the light following unique patterns by colouring the light. In production with lighting company Marset.



LMC is an exploration on Light, Movement and Colour in the form of a mobile. Discs of acrylic glass in different colours and sizes are mounted on brass tubes hanging from pink thread. Those discs are arranged randomly, so it is the balance itself that defines the harmony of the piece.


Delta Awards’14

We were commissioned to design the trophies for the prestigious Delta Awards 2014. During the ceremony of the Awards in Barcelona, the Delta sign that represents them got split between the winners.


The Delta Awards are organised by the ADI FAD. This project was possible thanks to the collaboration of Fundació Cim.

Giardinetto’s Green

The Lamp Dipper performs live to shade an opaline globe light. Each layer adds shading to the light to achieve the desired light intensity.


Giardinetto's Green Lamp, currently being available at our new shop.

Buon Appetito

Buon Appetito is a hungry machine that transforms un-wanted paper into a ever growing comfortable cushion for people to seat, lean and relax. We ask the question, what if, instead of disguising our paper waste in neat bins, we actually experienced it as part of our every day scenery and environment?


Project in collaboration with Andrew Haythornthwaite. Tokyo Designers Week 2009

La Estirada

La Estirada is a collection of light experiments based on the idea of capturing the light while traveling through the space. A white fabric stretches between a spotlight and a ring capturing and diffusing the beam of light.


Okay Studio show at the London Design Festival 2009

Light Meets Chocolate

Light meets chocolate is temporary installation and live performance in which a tasty chocolate feast is unveiled and consumed by the public during the event.


Piece developed for the Okay Studio exhibition at The Aram Gallery in London, 2008

Dripping Light

Dripping Light is a lamp/installation piece in which black paint slowly drips onto a big spherical lamp. The dripping machine turns around the centre of the lamp so the drips fall on top of the lamp and slide down the sides, gradually shading the light at imperceptible speed.


Performing at Nilufar Gallery. Purple & Green. Milano 2009

Rain Catcher

A large, drop-shaped water collector that hangs outside the house and is connected to the rainwater drainage system. The Rain Catcher creates a visible link between the rain and our use of it and expresses our umbilical connection to water.


Prototype for the 100% Water show at the Z33 in Hassalt, Belgium